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Vegan Nation The Rising Trend of Veganism


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Across Britain, and the rest of the globe, the words: vegan and plant-based have become household names. The once maligned movement has now become embedded in mainstream society and is no longer isolated to the few.

The rise of veganism has been described as unstoppable, with more and more people switching to a plant-based diet for a wide range of reasons. Reasons, why individuals decide to make the switch to a more plant-based diet, vary from person to person. A few examples include; the aim to become healthier in body and mind, help to reduce animal suffering and reduce their carbon footprint.

It has been reported and proven, by an Oxford University study, that the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact is to eat a more plant-based diet. Across the globe, if everyone followed a vegan lifestyle, global farmland use could be reduced by 75%. Production of meat and dairy is responsible for 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions; eliminating this production of animal products would produce a significant drop in greenhouse gas emissions. Not only this, but also will allow the freeing up of wild land lost to agriculture, one of the main causes of wildlife extinction.

According to the Vegan Society, a 2016 study highlighted a 360% increase in people who were vegan in 2016, with 542,000 self-reported vegans, when compared to 2015. These numbers are set to steadily increase for the foreseeable future, with predictions for 2025 indicating that a quarter of British people will be vegetarian and half will self-identify as flexitarian.

Adopting a more vegan or plant-based lifestyle and diet in 2019 has never been easier. The wide variety of dairy and meat-free products in all supermarkets and the rise of vegan /plant-based restaurants and cafes, and online businesses such as ourselves, combined have allowed more and more of us to switch to a more ethical and sustainable way of living.

Positive Bakes is a Leicester-based environmentally-friendly food brand, we are behind some of the most innovative plant-based bakery products currently on offer in the UK. Our range has evolved and now encompasses a variety of baked and raw goods, with unique world inspired flavours, as well as well-loved classics. We also manufacture in a low environmental impact facility, and use packaging which is biodegradable and fully compostable. With traceability and transparency at our company’s core, All the team here at Positive Bakes are striving to create delicious and revolutionary products that are full of flavour and charged with goodness.


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