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Modern Wheat And How It Is Causing People To Switch To Gluten Free


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Grain has been part of humankind’s diet for more than 10,000 years and was the foundation of modern civilisation. However, in today’s society more and more people are switching to a gluten-free diet and relishing in the benefits that it has to their digestive systems, energy level and much more. Why and what has changed within the past 200 years? Well, pretty much everything…

Before industrialisation, grain was easily cultivated, stored in kernel form for years and provided great nutritional value once ground and added to food such as fresh bread and porridge. However, within the last few generations, two distinct “technological revolutions” have  drastically changed the way we grow grain, process it and even consume it has drastically changed.

The first revolution was the industrial milling of white flour, which in turn, paved the way for the birth of the processed food industry. In the 1870’s the invention of the modern steel roller mill transformed grain milling. Compared to the traditional stone milling, the steel roller mill was cheaper, more efficient and allowed fine control over the various parts of the kernel and produced the finest and purest of white flours for the masses. However, the kernel that was discarded is the part of the grain richest in proteins, vitamins, lipids, and minerals, thus leaving the new ‘fancy flour’ void of any nutritional value.

The second revolution was the radical genetic modification and industrial “high-input” farming. This involved the pioneering of an “improved” species of semi-dwarf wheat that, together with complimenting fertilisers and pesticides and subsequently increased the yield massively. However, what is being sold as “wheat” could not be further from the wheat used 40 years ago and is biochemically and genetically light-years removed.

Modern wheat and gluten are not exclusively found in breads but also is hidden across many different foods including soups, sauces and many more, plus medicines and vitamin supplements. Many items that should be gluten free are still prepared within factories that handle wheat-containing products. If you suffer from coeliac disease or are intolerant to gluten, it is incredibly hard to find products that contain no gluten at all.

Positive Kitchen pride ourselves in ensuring all our products are gluten free and use natural plant based products. All our products are baked within our own Positive Kitchen fully gluten free and plant based Bakery Unit to eliminate cross contamination whilst still ensuring the delivery of fantastic flavours.


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