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Let’s Treat The NHS To Cake


lets treat the nhs to cake-with cake portions

Take Positive Action and send an act of kindness from your home.

It is so nice for us to see an upturn in people sending their loved ones in isolation treats, gift boxes and care packages with positive and loving messages via our website www.positivebakes.co.uk.

It reminds us that family, friends and community are still very much alive just in a different way.

However we want to go further than this. Much further.

So we asked ourselves, what would it take for every front line member of NHS Staff and every NHS volunteer to receive a donation of cake from us to show our thanks and remind them that they along with so many others right now are our heroes who definitely deserve a treat!

Can you help us do this?

We are willing to match every single cake purchase you make on our website like for like and donate on your behalf to the NHS front line staff and volunteers.

We have several motivations for doing this. From seeing first hand the positive impact the NHS staff have had on family and wanting to thank them through to marking the launch of our direct to consumer platform and new product ranges by doing something special and helping a community.

Above all else we want people to feel positive and realise through all our actions even through the tough times we can have a great impact on our communities.

Remember we are all in this together.

Send an act Kindness from your Home FAQs

How does your Send an act Kindness from your Home offer work?

It’s quite simple really. From the 27th March 2020 until 30th June 2020 we will match any cake or brownie giftbox that you purchase and donate like for like on your behalf to the frontline NHS staff and NHS volunteers at no extra cost to you.

Won’t this create lots of unnecessary parcels and packaging waste?

Both valid concerns. Our plan is to send the donated cake to hospitals via a courier / palletised delivery once there is a sufficient number of donated cakes rather than send out lots of individual parcels that will clog up the transport and logistics systems.

Can I choose where my donation goes?

There are 1600 hospitals in the UK and we want to send cake to all of them, we are liaising with the NHS to figure out the best way of spreading the free cake around the hospitals and ensure the split is fair.

My friend works for the NHS, can you not just send her my donation right away?

Unfortunately not, however you can purchase a giftbox and send to your friend by inputting her delivery address on checkout. We will match your purchase with a donation that will go the NHS front line.



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