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Here at Positive Bakes we love to spread positivity! That is why we’re bringing you our favourite tip this month for bringing positivity into your home.

Yes, lockdown has probably got most of us feeling a bit fed up, especially those working from home. Looking at the same four walls can be tiring and that is why even the smallest change can make the difference.

This month, we suggest adding a pop of colour to your home. This addition of colour can make the area feel much brighter and livelier and is one of the easiest changes you can make! Why not try a few new cushions, new bedding, or a decorative piece like a vase or ornament? Or if you are looking to be more sustainable, a coat of colourful paint is the perfect way to upcycle something you already own- a fun task that also helps to protect our planet!

When it comes to choosing what colour to spruce up your living space with, research has found reds, greens and yellows to all have a positive impact on mood and energy levels. However, if this isn’t quite your thing, pick any colour that brings you happiness!

Who knew that adding that splash of positivity could be so easy?!

Show us what small additions you make by tagging us in your posts on social media. We cannot wait to see what you do!


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