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Being sustainable and ethical is not a box ticking or a marketing exercise, it's a belief system that runs through everything we do. From the ground up we have designed Positive Bakes to make the difference.

Naturally there are limitations and compromises that we have had to make however we will continue to evolve as technology and the supply chain improves and push our company to be at the forefront of sustainability.

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Like all food producers packaging is proving to be a challenging area. The tendency for far too long has been about plastic trays and plastic wraps. This position is slowly changing.

Our solution to minimise plastic packaging and our impact on the environment is to offer our range in a larger portion sizes, so you can order less often and keep frozen - minimising packaging, cost, shipping and food waste.

We love our foil tray format with cardboard sleeve, it transports well, stores well and offers great value for money and is 100% recyclable.

After an extensive search we have found a bespoke food grade wrap that is 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable. This wrap is completely plant based and far better for the environment than a typical BPA free plastic wrap which ends up in landfill and adds to the problem.

In the future we aim to offer smaller pack sizes once advancements in packaging allow us to do so. Importantly it will be 100% biodegradable and compostable.

We use a recycled denim liner to keep our products frozen on their way to you. We prefer this to sheep's wool for various ethical, hygiene and environmental reasons.

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Only using plant based ingredients has a significant impact on reducing the Co2 emissions generated from more conventional dairy based products.

The ingredients we use are not the cheapest, they come from certified sources, many being organic and are all completely traceable.

Our entire range is better for the environment, do not use any animal products and do not cost the earth. In short, everyone wins.

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We have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint at every opportunity and will continue to implement positive change in our processes to benefit the environment.

Our entire product range is plant based which is more sustainable and better for the planet, however that is not enough for us.

Our modern production facility combined with efficient production equipment has a low environmental impact. Our locally sourced and UK manufactured packaging and choosing to work with a carbon neutral courier company ensures all aspects of what we do has a minimal impact on our planet.

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The aluminium tray, card sleeve and the outer case are reusable or 100% recyclable.

The wrap around the aluminium tray is 100% compostable.

The denim liner inner is 100% biodegradable.

The dry ice sleeve is 100% recyclable.

There are is significant financial cost attached to the insulation we use. If you can find a creative use for it around the house or garden that would make us smile. Alternatively we would welcome it being sent back to us for reuse once you can fill a box. (we'll even pay for the postage), contact us at if you are ready to return the denim liners.

The dry ice comes in a card sleeve with a plastic sleeve inside. To recycle this at home, remove the sleeve containing dry ice during unpacking and leave in a well ventilated space (out of reach of children) for 24 hours before separating the materials for recycling. The card sleeve is 100% recyclable, but please check with your local council if the plastic sleeve inside the dry ice envelope is accepted.




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